MAAD NEWS: Love It or Leave It: Jaden Smith Is The Silliest Boy in The Whole Wide World!1

Jaden Smith, bless his ridiculous little heart … he went to the “Divergent” premiere, and this is what he wore. Can you even tell what’s going on? He’s either wearing leggings with a really long undershirt, or those stupid diaper pants that Justin Bieber loves made out of two different materials. And that hat, dear lord, that hat. It’s bad, guys, and it doesn’t need to be said that it’s bad. It’s bad on a level all its own. Its badness deserves its own entire universe. Someone probably brought in a mirror in that second picture and that’s why he’s doing that bizarre pose. It’s trulysmith a mess that only Jaden Smith could even think to create.

Verdict: love it, actually. Not in general, but for him. What else is Jaden Smith going to wear to a premiere, a suit? Please.


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